Pawsitively Engaging Instagram Strategy for
Pet Parents, Brands + More


Do you want to grow your pack, get free stuff, and have everyone love your pet?

You need to grow your pupfluence!

Most of the advice out there from "experts" is either too common sense or so unclear that you can't figure out how to make it work for you. That’s because it’s not for pet people!

Does this sound familiar...

¬You struggle to grow your following, even though your pet is cute AF

¬You feel guilty spending so much time trying to figure out Instagram, when you’d rather hang with your fur babies

¬You compare yourself to big-deal pet accounts and wish you were on that level

¬You feel like your photos aren’t as Insta-worth as they could be


It’s time to turn your pet obsession into action!

Getting your account to the next level won't happen if you don’t know where to start. You need to identify your niche, learn some Insta skills, and master that scary algorithm.

Develop an eye for expert photos that turn your pet into a star. Combine those with quality captions and your followers will be eating out of the palm of your hand.

To attract and grow the right community, you can’t just sit on your fluffy butt! You must strategically interact with others. (Don’t worry, you’ll still have time to play in the park!)

There’s an art and science to attracting brand partners and sponsors. To get the really good treats you have to do more than sit and hold out your paw.

Before I cracked the code, Instagram caused me a lot of stress. When I learned how to spend my time in the app wisely and strategically my account became truly barkworthy!

This system is how I grew my account to over 40,000 followers!

Now I want to share this mindset and strategy with people like you because Instagram needs more dog vibes!

You need clear guidance and helpful solutions.

It's called Instagram Strategy for the Pet Obsessed (InSPO)!

I can't wait to show you everything!


With the InSPO System You Could...

    ¬ Get more followers

    ¬ Enjoy your time on Instagram

    ¬ Grow your pack of pet-loving pals

    ¬ Get free products from pet brands

    ¬ Earn money as a pet influencer

    Sell more of your own pet products

Your pet could bring home the bacon!

The fear of approaching brand partners for collaborations or sponsored content is all bark and no bite. Learn the exact method I use to approach brands for collaborations. You could earn free treats or make enough money to cover your whole pet budget!

Are you a pet brand? I'll show you how to find the best influencers to amplify your brand, how to collaborate with them, and how to use the content they create for your highest benefit!

As a Dog Influencer myself I've worked with dozens of awesome brands like these! In this course I explain how to find opportunities like these, deliver the very best work, and share sponsored content in an authentic way.

With my guidance, Instagram
will actually make sense.
Goodbye frustration!


Hi, I’m Tori Mistick, the creator of the dog mom brand Wear Wag Repeat. Thanks to Instagram I can actually call my brand a business! Before my account took off, I just had a hobby blog. In less than one year I grew from 1,000 followers to 10,000 and as of today I have over 40,000 followers on my @tmistick account.

I have a background of a decade in digital marketing and social media. I've consulted with art museums, life coaches, stores, non-profits, dog influencers and more. I'm also a college professor in social media and host a podcast interviewing women in the pet industry.

I love helping pet lovers identify a strategic approach to build a beautiful and engaging Instagram account that makes a pawsitive impact on their business.


In this 4-part course I'll show you how to grow your Instagram account so you can connect with followers who love you and your pets.

You will set goals and learn how to approach your time on Instagram with intention so you can reach those goals.

You'll also learn how to become a pet influencer, or work with pet influencers to amplify your own brand.



Four modules with over 15 video lectures
and screenshare tutorials that explain how to create, manage and monetize your pet industry Instagram account.

course workbook that will help you define your niche, create a content strategy and get in the right mindset for growth!


Discover my favorite apps and pet related hashtags, learn how to secure your account against hackers and protect your content from theft.

Connect with other InSPO students in the private Wear Wag Repeat Labs Facebook Group. In the group you can
get feedback, learn about Instagram updates and find accounts to collaborate with.


This course starts as soon as you enroll!

$299 Furever Access!

Get furever access to the InSPO course including lessons, workbook, bonus resources and the online community!

"I did Tori's instagram course and she taught me to totally change the way I use my instagram account as well as how to track how well each of my posts and stories perform. Tori teaches you ways to use your account to best reach your target audience as well as lots of unknown little tricks to get your posts noticed. She is thorough and each step is explained clearly in easy to follow steps, which I especially found to be a relief! If you want to get the best results from your time spent on Instagram, Tori's course is a "must do"."

- Delwyn Hanns, @Smile.Fleas.Photography

"Since I implemented the changes Tori recommended, my following has grown quite a bit! A week ago I was at 686 followers and now I'm at 1,000+! Thanks so much for the advice!"

- Tazrin Shanchari, @TaztheDogMom

"This course is an essential foundation for your social media strategy. Tori provides an in-depth explanation of planning and optimizing your social network, which is something needed to succeed in business today. Our company has been able to see strong, organic growth as well as connecting with our customer base in the process."

- Trina Pappadia, @MeetWagmo

"I was surprised at how easy Tori's lessons are to implement. I love the breakdown of how time on Instagram should be spent to optimize engagement and efficiency. I didn't realize how simple it would be to take our account to the next level! Tori's sharp eye for aesthetics also really helped transform our account!"

- Shannon Gianoni, @WearWoofShop


Thanks to my Instagram course these pet lovers have a
Pawsitively E
ngaging Instagram Strategy!

Wouldn't it be great to have a firm grasp on your Instagram account? You know exactly what to post next, have your captions planned and people are taking notice.

Have your very own #InfuencerMoment! Imagine your pet being featured on @dogsofinstagram!

Your account becomes a community and your pack is supporting your business in every way they can. It's become a driving force and opened up so many new opportunities to you.


But you'll only learn my system if you enroll in InSPO today!

I can't wait to teach you a system that will save you a ton of time on Instagram while increasing your engagement and followers.

Saving time in the app will give you more time to grow your brand or pet influencer empire!


Join the Course for $299

"Of course I would recommend Tori's course! People need to realize that just by being on social, they aren't going to get found. There's a whole science behind it. By having a process laid out by Tori, it makes it easy to DO the work!"

- Helen Behn, @Spand_Ice

"I walked away with so many useful suggestions and action items to get my Instagram organized and refreshed. Working with Tori got me excited to spend time and energy on Instagram again! Also, really digging into the grid themes has been repeatedly helpful."

- Erin Szymanski, @LunaSewickley

"In the first day of using Tori's strategy I got 15 new followers in less than 3 hours. I can't wait to implement her entire system!"

- Kim Allera, @OliveRoseEvents

"The best part of Tori's course was learning what hashtags to use on my account. I had no idea that the hashtags I was using before left my posts completely unnoticed by potential customers."

- Sarah Rubino, @BronzeBeautyST


Sneak Preview the Course

Want to know exactly what lessons I'll be teaching you? Take a look! As you can see, InSPO is a step by step system full of valuable info that I've learned building my own account and teaching others for the past two years.

Course Curriculum


Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course special?
This is the only Instagram growth course just for the pet obsessed! I've personally seen the power of pets on Instagram and share my first hand experience turning a hobby account into a business that supports influencer posts, an online store, live events and more.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts the minute you enroll. There's no waiting period. You can access all of the course lectures and files immediately and tackle the lessons as your schedule permits. Need accountability? Other students in the private Facebook group are there for you.
What is expected of me if I enroll in the course?
The more you give during the course, the more you'll get out of it. Take advantage of my expertise and reach out to me with any questions that you have. You should also complete the workbook that goes along with each module to help you make the most of your Instagram account.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? Once enrolled you'll have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I don't like the course?
Your happiness matters to me! I'm happy offer a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked!

Use an Instagram strategy, make it a pawsitive force in your life and use it to grow your business.

It's time to get your Insta act together right now!

Get Started!