Tap into the power of Pinterest to drive major traffic to your
pet industry website and grow your business!


Are you searching for a way to...

¬ Share your expertise with pet parents

¬ Build brand awareness

¬ Attract customers who are ready to take action

¬ And... continuously grow your organic website traffic!


Maybe you've dipped your paws into Pinterest...

But you're not sure if it's a waste of time. Plus, you're totally confused about what to post there. And what the heck is Tailwind?!


Most pet lovers aren’t using Pinterest correctly to grow their website traffic.

You can’t just pin all the cute dog photos you share on Instagram. On Pinterest you need to be smart about your content and keywords.


What if I told you Pinterest isn't another social network!

Pinterest is a visual search engine that drives traffic to your website just like Google! And higher traffic translates to more customers in your business!

Take a look at how I grew my blog traffic from Pinterest alone.

I spent years figuring out the strategies that are most effective at getting more people to click through from Pinterest directly to my pet website!

Now, I've created a system that I can replicate each month and continuously grow my organic website traffic.


Learn the strategy I used to 25X my pet blog traffic from Pinterest!

When you complete this Masterclass, you'll be confident in how to:

¬ Continuously grow your business in an organic way

¬Get more traffic to your website where you can really shine

¬ Attract customers who are ready to take action

¬ Use social media automation that actually works

¬ Sit back and watch the traffic roll into your website


I will teach you how to make Pinterest work for your pet business!

In this course, you'll learn how to use free tools to plan content that we know people want to see.

For example, one of the 2023 Pinterest Predicts trends is Pool Pawties. So we know to create content about DIY dog areas in the backyard (searches for ideas on that are up 490%).

The lessons in this course are full of pet-specific examples of how to make these trends work for your business!

To take advantage of the pool pawties trend... If you're a dog trainer, show off a backyard agility course or how to train your dog to fetch. If you make pet accessories, show how to make pawty favors using your products (searches for dog party favors are up 135%).

I will show you how to discover what pet parents are already searching for so we can use it to help them find you!

"Since taking this course, Pinterest has become the third-largest source of traffic for my blog. It brings in 20% of my visitors (compared to 0% before taking the course). Now on Pinterest, I'm at about 150k monthly viewers, and close to 400 followers. My most viewed Pin in the last 90 days has 95k views! This course is easy to understand, well-structured, organized and simple to implement right away."

- Cara Carosielli, henrythesmol.com, @henrythesmol

"This class has me thinking so differently about my blog! For the first time, I have more than 5 posts in draft because I'm getting so many ideas! Thinking about what makes a good pin, what people are searching for on Pinterest, and how I can use keywords for both SEO and Pinterest have completely changed the game for me! I'm more motivated than ever to create meaningful content!"

- Carrie, fleurdeleashstl.com, @beaver.dog


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When you complete this masterclass, you'll have a system to use Pinterest to grow your website traffic, your email list and your pet industry business!

Is this Masterclass right for your pet business?

Tori and Lucy answer a couple FAQs!


Isn't Pinterest just recipes, fashion and home stuff?

There's definitely a lot of that on Pinterest BUT there's also a lot of pet content. The key to getting your pet content discovered is to position it in a way that appeals to Pinterest users. Pinners are looking for ideas to help them do or make things to improve their lives. So we need to create pins that help pet parents by providing a solution, inspiration or a tutorial.

What should I pin?

Start off with Pinterest Predicts and check out Pinterest Trends while you're at it! I always recommend giving people what they want, and these tools will tell you exactly what that is. Check these reports before you create your content, then you can publish pins to drive traffic to your website, blog, shop, etc.

I don't have time for another social media platform!

Girlfriend, let me break it down for you... Pinterest is a search tool. It's way more valuable than Instagram or Facebook because it will drive traffic to your website. More traffic equals more pet parents discovering your brand and buying from you.

Here's a screenshot from my Google Analytics showing how my traffic Pinterest sent me in the last 30 days versus the other social platforms. It's not because I don't share links in those other places, I do! But they don't want users leaving their apps while Pinterest encourages it!


Sneak Preview the Masterclass

Want to know exactly what lessons I'll be teaching you? Take a look! When you complete this masterclass, you’ll have a system to grow your website traffic from Pinterest using existing and new content, feel confidant in automating your pin schedule and know how to use Pinterest to grow your email list.


Masterclass Bonuses

Unlock these bonus resources when you enroll!

BONUS 1: Tech Training: Hide Pinterest Graphics with HTML

In this screenshare video I'll show you the easy-to-use HTML code you can use to hide Pinterest graphics on your blog posts. This is handy when you create 5-10 graphics and just want one image displayed on your blog.

Bonus 2: 5x My Blog Traffic from Pinterest

This prerecorded thirty-minute presentation from The Pet Summit outlines the main strategies I use to more than 5x my blog traffic from Pinterest.

Bonus 3: Recorded Pinterest Profile Audits

Watch recordings from live Pinterest Profile Audits where I advise real petpreneurs on improvements they can make to their Pinterest strategy.

Bonus 4: Recorded Sessions from Pinterest for Petpreneurs LIVE

Get access to all of the recordings from the LIVE Summer 2022 session of the course. Inludes 4 office hours calls, 2 bonus demos and 4 group coaching calls including Idea Pin demos.

PLUS: Choose to Add 1-on-1 Coaching!

Students love to book a coaching session to keep them accountable to finish the course. Plus, I give personalized feedback on your Pinterest strategy and how it integrates with the rest of your business. This is an add-on at checkout!



Hi, I’m Tori Mistick, the creator of award-winning dog mom brand Wear Wag Repeat. After growing my Instagram account to over 42,000 followers and working on over $100,000 of brand partnerships, I wanted to find a way to offer something special to my followers. That's why I create online courses just for petpreneurs.

Prior to Wear Wag Repeat, I worked for over a decade in digital marketing and social media. I'm also an adjunct instructor in the business of blogging at a local college and I host a 5-star podcast interviewing women in the pet industry.

I love helping pet lovers identify a strategic approach to build an engaging business that makes a pawsitive impact on in the lives of pets and their people.

"I had less than 300 monthly viewers prior to working with Tori! Thanks for sharing your Pinterest knowledge with me! In just a few weeks I have over 1,300 monthly viewers!!"

- Lyndsay Shackelford, Founder of Dogs of Charm City

"Tori is the Pinterest expert. If you have a website or blog and want to skyrocket your growth through pins, sign up for her masterclass today!"

- Hannah Zulueta, @MaggieLovesOrbit and @BarkCommunity


Enroll For Instant Access

Access the Masterclass and Bonuses for just $179!
Similar Courses Compare at $1,500+!

When you complete this masterclass, you'll have a system to use Pinterest to grow your website traffic, your email list and your pet industry business!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the masterclass start?
As soon as you enroll you'll have 100% access to the course and all of its materials. You can watch the lessons and complete all of the tasks at your own pace.
How long does it take to complete the entire masterclass?
The masterclass is roughly 1 hour long, broken down into 6 lessons. You can watch the videos and complete the assignments at your own pace. Part of the strategy you’ll learn includes weekly and monthly to-do’s that you’ll implement to grow your Pinterest account and use it as a traffic driving force for your website. All of the bonuses include an additional 11 hours of content, trainings and recorded coaching calls!
How is the content delivered?
There is a video slide presentation and PDF checklist for each lesson. Relevant resources and podcast episodes are also listed in each lesson. Screenshare videos are also featured.
How long is the content available?
Once you are enrolled, you have lifetime access to this masterclass!
Does this masterclass come with any bonuses?
Yes, of course! The 4 bonuses you'll get access to include "Tech Training: Hide Pinterest Graphics with HTML", "5x My Blog Traffic from Pinterest", a recorded LIVE Pinterest Profile Audit via Zoom and recordings from all of the LIVE sessions from our Summer 2022 edition of the course.
Is there a payment plan?
No, there is no payment plan available for this masterclass.
What if I don't like the masterclass?
I offer all of my students a 30 day guarantee. Just reach out to me within 30 days of enrollment to discuss what you weren't happy with in the course.
Are there prerequisites?
For this masterclass to make an impact on your business, you need to have a website to drive traffic to. Ideally, your website should include a blog where you can post informational or lifestyle content. My Pinterest strategy can also work to send traffic directly to product pages, but if you have a blog you’ll have more content to drive traffic to and more of a chance for success!
Does this course cover the algorithm updates to Pinterest?
Yes! This course will teach you a system for posting that is compliant with the 2021 and 2022 updates to the Pinterest algorithm. The strategy I've been using works with the new updates, so I didn't see a dip in traffic at all.